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iDoctor Office is a simple program that support a doctor of any specialty in running their own medical practice. iPad’s incredible potential, an intuitive application operation and flexibility of applied solutions, enables users to keep patients files, reserve visits, keep medical data records, generate reports and export the reports for a  further analysis.


• Supports iPhone and iPad, fast exchange of data between devices by using iCloud.

• Quick registration of a patient – only surname is required.

• Visits planning with a use of a built-in calendar, with a possibility of saving the data in a iCloud calendar.

• Defining your own dictionary of paid services.

• A view of a visit enables recording:
   - referral data,
   - performed services,
   - ICD-9 procedures,
   - ICD-10 diagnosis,
   - given medicines,
   - medical parameters,
   - documents/notes, that are saved in a text format, and pictures.

• ICD-9, ICD-10 dictionaries, given medicines and medical parameters are incorporated automatically after entering new visits.

• Defining templates for text documents, descriptions, results, interviews etc.

Create your own forms (referrals, results, recipes) that you can print/overprint.

• Registering patients documents (test results, treatment records etc.) with a use of a built-in camera or by importing from Photo Stream. If there is no camera in your iPad, use iPhone to take a picture. Thanks to the synchronization with iCloud, the picture will be automatically transferred to iPad.

• Documents and records can be printed wirelessly with AirPrint or sent by e-mail.

• Creating your own printing template – printing settings allow you to select details of a visit which will appear in a printout. Additionally, the application enables defining a customized printout header.

• The printouts are already defined: a list of registered patients on a day, periodic financial statements.

• Generating records of:
   - patients’ data,
   - visits,
   - performed services,
   - procedures,
   - diagnosis,
   - given medicines.

• Records are saved in CSV format, which is recognizable by every spreadsheet.

• Setting a password that blocks the application.

• Backup on password, creating and restoring from iCloud, or any other application, fast exchange of data between devices.



Price: Free
Category: Medical
Released: 2012.04.06
Version: 2.5.2
Language: English

Compatible with: iPhone and iPad
Requires iOS: 7.0 or later


Registration only five patients and visits.